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Cummins Power Generators

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Aruba's licensed Cummins Generators dealers

The best generators for your every electric needs

Cummins is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electric generation equipment, and we’re extremely proud to be able to provide this service to Aruba.
Cummins Power Generation stand-by systems offered by Varadero Aruba range from 2,500 Watts up to 3 Mega Watts and are applicable to commercial buildings, commercial trailers and other mobile applications, data centers, and both small and large residential complexes.


✅Renting an electric generator is also possible through our Cummins Power Generation Rental Department, with units ranging from 2,500 Watts up to 250KVA, serving a great variety of purposes.

Varadero Aruba provides the necessary expertise in the field, backed by a Cummins Warranty. From installation to routine services, property owners and managers can rest assured that their operations continue to run smooth in case the grid fails.

For more information please call (297) 588-3850 or (297) 594-5684, or email

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Prices and services that can’t be beat!

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