Varadero Marina


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FWL - Fish With Locals
Here at Varadero Aruba Marina, we are almost all fishermen.
The sea is our land and we live as much as we can on it, looking for the big one.
That's why we offer you different boats for Charter
Now, we know that sometimes you are alone in your party to be fond of deep sea fishing. It is definitely not an activity for all.
So we have created FWL, a gesture of goodwill from fishermen to one of them.
With FWL you do not need to charter a boat just for you, instead you join a private fishing trip with one of the boats hosted in our Marina. Please note that those boats operate independently from the Marina and that we cannot give you any guarantee about the kind of fish they will go after, nor the Captain's mood!
We only act as an intermediary between two willing parties.
Please fill the Trip-Request below as soon as possible for us to try and find a fishing trip for you. There is no commitment to provide us with this information.