Varadero Marina

Sailing Charters

All Inclusive, luxury, sailing charters
Coming soon:
The only real luxury, all inclusive, private sailing charter in Aruba.
Beautiful, refitted, sailing boat.
Only opportunity to spend a night or two on board with drinks and fantastic food included.
Our crews will take you sailing along Aruba from 4 to 48  hours.
Snorkeling, romantic dinner, sunset watching a glass of champagne in your hand, you name it, we have it.
Ready to propose? Can't imagine a better setting than a sunset over the Caribbean Sea.
Ready for a real gourmet dinner on board?
We'll provide a Chef to cook you an amazing one.
We only provide private charters. 
From 2 to 10 guests during the day ones
From 2 to 6 guests during the ones including nights on board