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Haul-out Process

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Are you scheduled for a haul-out? Here is the Process.

1) Prepare your boat:

Have fenders on Starboard

Have 3 lines on Starboard: front, mid-boat, rear. All lines must be secured on your cleats, ready to throw and with enough length (min. 3m)

2) Arrive on time:

We mobilise our team to help your boat, please do not be late they have work on boats to take care of.

3) Need depth?

Our channel is dredged at 2.35m, however it is not a freeway and depth may vary. If you need more than 2 meters, please come at high tide. 

Aruba Tide Times -

When arriving, there is more depth close to the outside Green Buoy (left), then head for the Red one (right) and stay close to the reds up to the last one. Once inside, sail close to the Marina's boats.

4) Follow the arrows:

The above map shows you how to get into the slipway.

Do not cut corners. Go deep inside the Marina before heading for the slipway.

Your Starboard bow must go straight for the corner of the slipway.

Except if solo sailing, have someone ready to throw the front line, then the middle and finally the stern.

5) All Good. You are here, tied up. Now we're taking the lead to safely haul-out your boat.

Thank you for your business.

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