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Most Versatile Charter - Cocolizo

A charter adapting to your Party

Let's assume you have a Party with diverse tastes. Cocolizo is your boat.
You can start the day with a fishing Party, then go relax by the beach and end up the day dancing on the deck while the sun sets.

Family Party, Fishing, Relaxing,
Cocolizo is a very versatile boat with a fantastic crew ready to cater to all your needs.

Rent a luxury private 45ft boat from 2 hours to a full day including an experienced captain and crew to chill out on the Caribbean Sea with your family and friends.
Forget the Beach, get to the Sea!

Cocolizo has a sunroof so you can sit in the shade or in the sun in the front. Also we have a/c inside if you get too hot as well as a shower and toilet. 

During this boat trip you can undertake various activities on the water such as natural chilling and sunbathing on the boat: snorkeling, bottom fishing.
Water and soft drinks are included.
BYOB or we can quote you with alcohol included.

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